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Originally Posted by bwelchre View Post
Are you planning on eventually growing the business past what you stated? no plowing/no 4x4, waste of gas/ possible repair, and cost of 4x4 is at least 1k more than not. honestly everything you stated, a compact truck can handle without being abused, you can always rent and abuse a home depot truck for a specific job. I've always been in business to make money, not for haveing the biggest truck... depends what your goals are. I would definitely go with a 6 cyl though. For the hauling, mulch doesn't way anything and top soil is heavy for a 1 ton truck also, just take two trips for the few times you do top soil, i don't think its worth the extra cost of a full size. Just my opinion.
Thank you all for all the responses. I do wish to plow in the future and I do want to grow to a full service company. I really want a good starting point truck. bwelchre, thank you for the advice. Those stated are my current needs, but I do wish to do more. I just don't have any plowing contracts right now, and I'm not sure if you have to be 18 or not to plow driveways and lots for insurance purposes.
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