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Originally Posted by puppypaws View Post
I think that speaks volumes for the dealership, and you can believe me when I say these type dealers seem to be few and far between.

You are the one that should know if this is a problem you've seen before. In other words have you ever seen a Ferris mower delivered to your business that the deck stabilizing rods were not tightened properly at the factory?

This is why on the production line in a factory everyone has a job, and it is their job to make sure their part of the assembly equation is handled properly. Where do you believe this breakdown is occurring? When you have given steps to follow, virtually all human error should be removed.
It's in the assembly line- but I sell Ferris / Snapper Pro , Bobcat , Walker , Husqvarna, Snapper, ARIENS and they have all have improper assm. from the factory. Humans builds these things and everyone makes mistakes. And I get what your throwing down, I wish the assembly line was perfect also and never had to check over mowers before we sell them, but thats just not in the cards for any brand I imagine....
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