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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
This product can be acquired in bags.
The standard EKO product is readily available here in bulk has waaay more wood and bark-ish material than I'd like. The Lawn Topdressing product is just a screened down version of the product.

Isn't Milorganite essentially bagged compost? Since it's made from the sludge from a sewage treatment plant?
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You could say Milorganite is that. However flinging a few Milorganite pellets out there, to me, is not accomplishing what topdressing is going after. I want to add some nutrients, but I also want to amend the soil structure somewhat with material that I put down. Pre-aeration helps get the material in the soil. But in order to amend, one would need to put down far more volume of material than just spreading milorganite, no?
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