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Originally Posted by Rick13 View Post
Hi Adam,

That looks great!!! Another great idea you've come up with!!!!

But when I dethatch I use my mower, since I can bag up the loose thatch.

But in the end, when I talk to the customer I explain the advantages of core aeration instead of dethatching. Very few yards have I've found where they need detaching up here in Northern IL.

Core Aerate in Spring and then Fall.....and the thatch problem will be gone (98.5% ) of the time.

But I do like your idea, I just won't know how to pick up the loose thatch/mess with out raking.
One big difference is that nothing rots in our Florida sand, rather it acts as a preserver of organic matter & builds up over a short period of time.
Yesterday we used it for our first dethatch of the season. I had a helper use it & I was on the Walker mower with the front-mount dethatcher & bagging it up. This combo works perfectly since she could get closer & into small spaces that I could not.
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