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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Does the zoysia and bermuda go dormant in your part of Florida.
The fact water is so expensive in Florida and both Bermuda and Zoysia require so much water to look good, is a bigger reason for them going dormant. Last couple years even the best Golf Course in town had brown Fairways in the winter dry months. Of course we were in a semi drought condition. For years we never had a freeze in my area or maybe one every 5 years. However we have had several Freezes each year for the last 5 years.

For years St Augustine has been the preferred fine turf for home lawns here in Southwest Florida. While St Augustine has it's weed issues, It still requires LESS Water and Fert than either Bermuda or Zoysia to look good.

FYI Just because a turf is Drought Tolerant, doesn't mean it will look good on less water. IMHO Zoysia has been over sold as a drought Tolerant turf. Maybe one reason I am not a big fan of Zoysia, Besides the Golf Course, No one even has a reel mower. Biggest and Best Golf Course in town mows fairways with Rotary mowers


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