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Pump suggestion

I'll keep this quick, asked to install a pump on a system my company installed a bit over a year ago. Currently cross connected to potable water with appropriate backflow in place. When I installed the system I foresaw the eventual request for a pump and ran the two wires necessary for a pump start relay so this is just a pump question.
Design parameters: Maximum lift is eleven feet, max. gpm is 8.75, max pressure is 40 psi. Mainline and all laterals are 1" Class 200, valves are Hunter 1" with flow control, farthest run in 189'.
Client is requesting a centrifugal pump verse a submersible due to budget limitations.
Accordingly, to maintain 40 psi at farthest exit, pump would have to produce a realistic 45psi.
Question- actually two: 1. Who makes the least expensive centrifugal pump, voltage not an issue, that is reliable enough for this motard? or 2. Should I just tell this dude to quit being a jew and pony up the $$ for a submersible?
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