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Originally Posted by aroddy View Post
It's in the assembly line- but I sell Ferris / Snapper Pro , Bobcat , Walker , Husqvarna, Snapper, ARIENS and they have all have improper assm. from the factory. Humans builds these things and everyone makes mistakes. And I get what your throwing down, I wish the assembly line was perfect also and never had to check over mowers before we sell them, but thats just not in the cards for any brand I imagine....
You sound like a great dealer, one of which anybody should be proud to call their own. You are paying attention to detail, something from my experience of dealing with large numbers of different type manufacturers over the years appears to be going the way of the dinosaur. The thing in this country now seems to be, build it fast, get it into the consumers hands, and his money into our bank account, if any problems arise we will worry about them as they come into existence.

I've always been of the belief you strive for perfection while knowing it may never be achieved, but by using this thought process it will keep you well ahead of problems which arise from only attempting to get by.
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