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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Acid soils need lime, usually high calcium lime. Of course, this is all determined by a soil test listing bases and their percent saturation. I apply what I do based on such a test. This may not work or even be necessary for soils in other locations. The usage of citric acid is due to the massive amounts of magnesium and calcium carbonate in the soil. Something is needed to immediately react with that. Sulfur is a more long term solution that does get applied in conjunction with citric acid drenches. I have my soil sent to either A & L West or Brookside.
Interesting. I'm guessing then that this is related to the CEC levels? Both citric acid and sulfur are then catalyctic agents for the release of said cations, but sulfur specifically will create a prolonged increase in the soil's CEC? Just want to clarify.
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