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this thread has been going a long time so I'm not sure if I have posted this before.

I have hit all the usual stuff. only 2 stand out. An old dry town circular that went all the way from left to right and it seemed like every bit of it got chopped up. that was a mess.

And a good reason to always wear safety glasses when mowing.

Some one left a pair of needle nose pliers in a lawn. my mower shot them out, they hit my truck tire (about 4 feet away) as I was turning and then half the pliers hit me in the face right over my eye. it hit so hard the pliers put a deep gouge in the glasses and compressed the glasses right into my eye ball. it HURT.

Looking at the gouge in the glasses it was clear the half of a needle nose pliers would have been sticking out of my eye if I had not been wearing the glasses
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