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it depends on what it is. I quit a job making $18 an hour to start my business.. ok so thats not close to 58k. but I made 50k one year with overtime, but that was just one year when they let me work overtime. the only reason i left is because they wouldn't take me off night shift, and it was more strenuous than lawn care work because i was pretty much lumping boxes all night long and i was sick of it.

now, would i have quit a 58k a year job with bennies if it was a desk job? lol.. probably not.

I Grossed just under 28k this year, being my first year full time. $16k in expenses, and thats after fuel, some advertising, some equipment purchases. I didn't pay myself a dime this year. I'm going into the end the year with about 9k saved, and after i pay taxes i'm assuming i'm gonna be starting out next year scraping up whatever i can to get started.. lol. I have no regrets (yet), i'm much happier. and i found all kinda new ways to cook ramen noodles. I didn't get into this because i had dreams of being rich, i just like this kinda work.

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I wouldn't quit my job to start a business. You're not guaranteed to make that much money your first year or even in five years. Running a business can be stressful. I'd stay at your current job for 58k a year.
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