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Originally Posted by Middle Tennessee Lawn View Post
Ok the post is who would quit a job making 58,000 year to do this. I would and did I was making much more than even 58k. Some of you may be in markets that you could not but here there is not a limit on what you can make in this business. But you have to be a great business person and you have to hire the right people from your office staff to your sales staff. I have many friends that are among the most successfull in our town four of them will clear more than one million this year. Making 300-400k profit is easy i have done it so do not listen to these guys say you cant even make 58k prior to 2008 it was easier than now but building is going on and installs are picking up.
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I'm no where near the 300-400 mark but I too quit a job making a lot more than $58k to do this. But I was an independent contractor in a 100% commission sales job so in a way I was still my own boss, just not my own business. 100% commission sales which I did for well over a decade was WAY more stressful than even my worse day running my lawn business. My first "job" out of college was 100% commission, and that's about all I did until I got back into the lawn biz.

The economy started to slow down a handful of years back, my industry was hit particularly hard. I had to make a decision on what to do to put food on the table. For a really short time I did "work" for someone else, but I enjoy the "building" part of growing a business. So I started a lawn biz (I cut lawns from when I was 9 until a graduated college and swore I'd never cut another lawn again... except my own. Funny how things change.

Self-employment isn't for everyone and I'm sure there are lots of reasons. But that's essentially all I have known, and sure I've had more than one day when I thought "what the heck am I doing cutting lawns, I just can't build this business because (insert any reason you can think of here)." But then I think of my wife and kids and go home, grab my idea pad (seriously I write down ideas on growing my biz just about every night - I might only implement 1 out of every 50 ideas I come up with but I'm always thinking) and then I am motivated once again to build the largest and "best" lawn service company in my city. Not there yet, not even close, but I have a 10-year plan. Maybe I'll move to Nashvegas and give MTL some competition

Seriously I would love to eventually move my family to Nashville, go there a lot, have other family there and just about all of my close friends from Memphis have moved there.
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