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Originally Posted by snow4me View Post
My employee ran over a gas line going into a field stone patio fireplace two weeks ago. To make matters worse he ignored it and didn't report it to me.

I got a call an hour later from my frantic customer saying we ruptured a gas line and her yard smelled of gas. Luckily she called the gas company and they had someone nearby come over and shut it off before something worse could happen.

The first estimate she got was for $1,200 to take apart the stone and replace the broken pipe and then put the stone back in. I talked to my friend who is a pipe fitter and he told me it was way overbid. She talked to me this week and said she got another quote for $400.

How would you guys handle this situation with your employee. He's 20 Y.O. new to this business and I am in the process of training him to hopefully become a long term employee...
I had a new employee cost me $300 this year. A/C blower motor went out on my truck. He called me to let me know. I told him to check the fuse box to see if the fuse was blown. Called me back an hour later said now the truck was doing all kinds of weird electrical things, no speedometer, no lights, just all screwed up. I asked if he saw if the blower motor fuse was blown, he said no. Next day I took truck to the shop (dealer) and told them all the electrical stuff going on. Turns out he had messed with MANY fuses, didn't get them back in the right spots causing many to blow. Cost to track down the problem and put fuses back where they belong... $300. Learning to never let an employee mess with my truck... priceless. What the dealer charged I still think is BS but I didn't even think about looking at the fuse box myself after he told me all these things were now happening to the truck. He still swears that he only pulled and replaced one fuse and I now know that's not the case, but I'm the one that asked him to check it so I just ate that $300. I didn't fire him. Then a few weeks later he launched a rock through a glass storm door costing me over $200. That's the story of my life - when crap can happen it happens twice! But again, sheet happens like that in this biz and the previous year I broke a similar glass door, even being as careful as I could be. Makes me mad as heck but when you run equip like we and our employees do, stuffs going to break and get broken every now and then, no matter what precautions you take.
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