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Originally Posted by McG_Landscaping View Post
so many leaves! not overwhelmed at all. blow em off. suck em up. mow and go
Meh. Nothing to suck 'em up with. Usually nowhere to blow 'em off to.
Can't mow if there are too many of them.
Most of my properties either don't get many leaves, or they don't care about them, or the leaves are so numerous it's a PITA for me because I'm not set up for large cleanups.

One day leaf season will be profitable, but for now, it's mostly just a hassle at the end of the mowing season.

That said, I find that my Ferris 36" will really pulverize the CRAP out of dry leaves and doesn't do half bad with freshly fallen ones.
If people are not picky about seeing some "leaf bits" I can mulch them up and be done with it.
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