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Originally Posted by cpllawncare View Post
I love this thread because it shows that 58K isn't JACK! Compared to what you can build in this industry. I get it that every market is different but if your fortunate enough to live in a big enough market, the sky IS the limit given the right amount of time and effort. I was laid off a $30+/hr job and started this to make ends meet until something else came along nothing ever did so I have hung in and am glad I have so far, I'm working my tail off making a lot of mistakes along the way but still growing more and more every year, have no desire to quit growing my business that's the beauty of it, no limits! only what you put on yourself!
Who would of thought but depending on where you live 58k is not jack, bingo. I too have a job that pays about that with all the OT worked, much of it mandatory. My pay has been frozen for 5 years, not a nickle pay raise, increased health care costs every year with reduction in benefits. I'm still working it but restarted my landscape career as a way out. Hopefully come spring I can pull the plug as I grow, pick up a more menial perhaps part time job for some base pay and benefits and continue to grow. I was a crew leader and head foreman for many years for a large successful LCO before getting out of the business 10 years ago, so far my estimating on job time and material has not missed a beat. I'm very determined to make this work. On days when I work for myself I feel like it's not even work and love/miss the physical aspect. So far so good.
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