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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
it depends on what it is. I quit a job making $18 an hour to start my business.. ok so thats not close to 58k. but I made 50k one year with overtime, but that was just one year when they let me work overtime. the only reason i left is because they wouldn't take me off night shift, and it was more strenuous than lawn care work because i was pretty much lumping boxes all night long and i was sick of it.

now, would i have quit a 58k a year job with bennies if it was a desk job? lol.. probably not.

I Grossed just under 28k this year, being my first year full time. $16k in expenses, and thats after fuel, some advertising, some equipment purchases. I didn't pay myself a dime this year. I'm going into the end the year with about 9k saved, and after i pay taxes i'm assuming i'm gonna be starting out next year scraping up whatever i can to get started.. lol. I have no regrets (yet), i'm much happier. and i found all kinda new ways to cook ramen noodles. I didn't get into this because i had dreams of being rich, i just like this kinda work.
My third year and I broke twenty thousand for the first time. Still have clean ups to do so my gross still will grow some. At my age, fifty nine employers do not want to hire you unless you have an exceptional resume. This is why I went back to landscaping from over 30 years ago.

I like having my own business. $100 to become legal.

Being my own boss, PRICELESS.

Where I live teachers, cops, firemen, NYC sanitation workers, Can retire at half pay with a gold health insurance for them and their spouse.

Teachers will top out at $150,000, Retire at $75,000, or work 35 years and go out with a 68% pension of $102,000. Then if they coach a sport for all three seasons for their last three years their final salary will be $25,000 higher. So their pension will go up another $12,000 to $16,000 depending on if they worked 25 of 35 years.

To be 57 years old, retired with a $118,000 pension and a gold insurance plan for you and your spouse.

Or be a LCO at 57.

Which would you chose?

NYC fireman, cops, and suburban cops all top out at $100,000 that is a $50,000 pension with gold health insurance. They can retire at 41 years old.
They can make another $50,000 a year in over time. So that pension is now $75,000. New hires now have to work 22 years.

NYC sanitation. I know a guy that gave up his easy queens position to go work work at the Staten Island land fill. He was able to work enough OT to double his salary. Which doubled his pension. Which is another way of saying his pension was the same as his regular base salary. He retired in his later 40's with gold HI.

I would of loved to be 41 collecting a $75,000 pension and gold HI.
Being 57 and a $118,000 pension, and gold HI.

Bored with nothing to do but wait till 62 so I can collect early SS benefits.

Then I could think about it would be nice to be a LCO and do a few lawns a day. Wake up from my nap then go play golf, bass fishing, deer hunting.

What was I dreaming/thinking about mowing lawns now that I am retired. I do not have the time.

It is not about just walking away from $58,000 a year job. Pension, age you can retire at. At 41 you can start a whole new career with a big pension carrying your business. Work conditions. Benefits that you can retire with.

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