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Sounds like what you need a smaller hook truck not a large one like million dollars type of disposal company would have when they run hundreds of boxes a day ect. There are many type of hook truck mfg's out there but the main ones are steller, ampiroll and swaploader. Not sure if you had looked into these systems much but they are very expensive. All depends on the size system you are needing but i bet you could do fine with some 10-15 yard bodies. And a lift capacity of 10-15k. If you get much bigger than that you could be talking 30k+ just for the system installed. Not even even including the cab and chass. If you are trying to get into the market to save the money that they are screwing you out of to do so Id suggest buying a like new or great condition used truck. I did just run across a nice one in the low 30's that maybe perfect for you. Its a 1998 Chevy C6500 Hook truck with a new swaploader. Only 47k miles on the truck and over all the truck looks brand new.
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