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FH580V Burning oil

I have a Wright RH model with the Kawasaki FH580V engine. It's build date is 05/06 and I uploaded the data plate I found below. The issue I'm having is the performance is still satisfactory however, it consumes oil and blows a lot of smoke on initial start up of the day and every time it sit between lawns. The consumption is around a quart a week (10 mower hours) I only have around 700 hrs on this machine if that as I have left the key on a few weekends. Once the machine burns off what in the muffler or whatever it seems to stop smoking. I have done a compression check and its 130 even on both cylinders. I have removed the valve covers and it seems the valve guides are still in place and seals are still there. Its been sitting in storage for almost three years now.

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