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Originally Posted by TML View Post
A couple of big Black and Tan Dobermans kept at the shop.
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In my opinion, big dogs can be worked around if the criminal knows what he's doing. But it's a very large deterrent, especially for a large trained dog. Since it's pouring down rain, I'll tell a funny experience I had last night. The same house on the next street, where I had issues with the minority group, last night I took the new guy around the block a few times meaning to pass by that house on purpose to ensure they now know my house wouldn't be an easy target. A car pulled up to the house when I came back onto our street. As I walked down the street one of the guys went to jump in the car. (They sell drugs at this house I'm nearly positive on this.) When I got closer to the car he was getting ready to get out, popped the door open, had one leg out of the door as if he was about to get out. He pulled that leg back in and shut the door until I walked by when the GS started growling.
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