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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
There are ten services listed. It's going to be kinda' hard to explain why a customer needs lawn maintenance, concrete edging, mulch delivery, etc. If you expand one, you have to expand all of them. Sites need consistency, throughout.
I think you're being a bit hardline with your notion of consistency. And 10 services is neither daunting, nor difficult. Every single one of those can be explained, even if only to say "Concrete Edging: We cut that perfect edge, ensuring a beautifully clean, visual break between your lawn and the sidewalk. We even clean up the mess, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy the view".

If a customer calls you, does the conversation go like this:
Customer: Hi, do you do lawn maintenance?
LCO: Yes, we do.
Customer: Great! What does that entail or include?
LCO: know...we do lawn maintenance. We, uh, maintain the lawn. And stuff.
The answer, of course, is that it better not go that way. 10% content per page is abysmal. Words need written. Without words, you really have nothing to rank.

Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
Keywords do make sense, though. But, it would be very difficult to list a bunch of cities in those counties and make it look right. Just not sure how to tackle that one.
Again, it's not difficult at all. Work the city/town/suburb keywords in to the content. Create specific, localized, pages. Add them to alt tags. The photo gallery page? Was a picture taken in [city]? Tell us that. Telling us that tells Google that.
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