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Originally Posted by cutshortlandscaping View Post
How do I price the dumping to the costumer
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Well normally you'd mark up the dumping as a flat rate per load, or charge by the hour for dumping it like you would anything else on top of your cost.

I pay for dumping, so I charge ten additional cents per pound on it with a minimum amount I charge. Never less than 25, and I factor my drive time into the estimate from the beginning. I get a nice little dated receipt with what I paid, and the weight out of what I dumped.

For you, with your cost being outrageously high, I'd charge what it costs to dump a truckload, then for 1.5 hours. Or you could mark it up to $25-30 per yard. That's just what I would do, other guys might have different suggestions. No two companies costs are the same, what gives me a good profit won't give the same for someone else.

I just think charging by the yard is weird. Seriously, do some research and find a better place, then charge accordingly on what will make you a profit for your time, gas, and fees.
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