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The bigger the truck, the bigger system and bigger boxes all add up to a lot of money. But if you need big dumpsters it maybe the way to go. I know a few guys that run single axle trucks with 10yrd -20 yard boxes. 20 yrds is still a lot. They did years of research and they went with the smaller trucks compared to the tandem. Less insurance, plates where much much less, less tires to replace and over all maintenance much less. But the 20 yard boxes work on there big projects just fine. They use the smaller boxes to separate the different types of metals to get top dollar at the yard. It maybe hard to find an affordable tandem hook truck that doesn't have 400k miles. Its all going to come down to price. One thing about a used system is the cost to rebuild the cylinders and just new seals and pins all over the system will cost 3-10k depending on the size and condition. No matter what if you get a used system you will want to tear into it right away so you can insure your self that you won't have costly repairs and down time once you get used to using it all the time. There is of course no great option when trying to do something like this on a budget. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all get paid what we are actually worth? Ha too many people year after year beating all the prices down to nothing! If we could charge what we need to then you could just go buy a new truck with no worries HAHA! Take care!
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