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Originally Posted by longislandlawn View Post
So I past by a customers house today , that I do the weekly maintenance for ,and I see day laborers with a pickup truck, there doing a planting job. Planting various plants around the house in beds, and making some new beds. These people never asked me for a quote or nothing for the job. Why is it that more people around me are hiring more and more day laborers than before to do landscape jobs. This really frustrates me, how about hiring a local business. Would you go back to these people next year or not.
What I would do is print up some flyers or bill stuffers with all the services you provide then make sure they get one. Its likely that you can't beat what they are paying the day laborers plus material from Home Depot but you can at least let them know that you offer the same thing with a warranty plus you are licensed and insured. That's about all you can do. Would I go back? Depends on what they are paying, their attitude and if the work done by them is going to cause you any problems.
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