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Throw a set of g5 blades on and a chute blocker and most of your issues even on biweekly accounts will be gone. I have no issues with caked up grass and I only have issues with grass on tires if its very high and wet. In that case I just kick it off with my feet before I have to use a sidewalk or street. Worse case scenario I blow the grass away. Still tons faster than using a 21.

I have a mulch kit and bagger on it but only for when I absolutely have to bag grass. I made a chute blocker that can be removed with a wing nut in about 30 seconds. Zero turns have baggers but are set up the same way.

Leaves get blown into piles, plowed and sucked up with vac or plowed into the trailer.

Before that we blew them into piles and tarped them onto the trailer unless we blew them onto the back of properties or to the street for curbside pickup.
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