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Thanks for the replies. I have not used atrazine all that much. Most of my yards don't have that many winter weed issues. Nothing trimec southern or a few other herbicides would not eliminate. I do have a few yards with annual bluegrass. Dimension is marginal at best, atrazine seems to work much better. the worst annual bluegrass is actually in a predominantly St. Augustine yard that has a 50 sq. ft section of common Bermuda. the blue grass comes up in the Bermuda, which I cant treat with atrazine upon poa annua germination because I am afraid I will kill the Bermuda and leave a nasty bare spot all winter. I have been using manor at the high rate for pretty decent control. I can only use it once per season at the rate I use so I have to wait until I have a decent stand of poa annual. Dimension applied at the high rate in the same area once the average soil temp at 2 inches drops below 70 degrees for more than 3 days has marginal control. I am going to apply atrazine to the area in a few days to see what happens, The Bermuda is not fully dormant. We shall see.
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