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Originally Posted by Porkins View Post
I know a few people have been probably looking at this for their inspiration and I figured I would update everyone. The last picture with the mower on the back is about as far as it got besides I painted it all black. I ended up going back to work for someone and I also had to move while working 6-12hr shifts out of town so it got sold for dirt cheap. I seen it on CL not to long ago but it had the bed removed. Also, someone painted the whole truck with a roller it looked like in Melbourne, FL. I'm going to build a ranger out with an insert instead of a full flatbed so I can make it an extreme eco rig. I've been using it to haul my mowers around getting mileage estimates and I've been netting around 22-24mpg. I expect it to drop when I put the racks and insert in some.
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