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No one is lying too me. I never said that the machine would only make 19 gpm at 1000 psi or that the TB260 would make 27 gpm at 3000 psi. I said that the manufacturer rates there flow at 1000 psi and that the flow spec will be all the hyd hp you will have too work with. The TB260 makes 15gpm at 3000 psi which works out to about 27 hp. My Kubota makes about 10 to 11 at 3000-3100 psi. That equals about 19 hp. My point was too help people be able too have an understandable way too compare these machines. Most of these machines will make the rated flow up into the 1500 to 1900 psi range before the machine starts taking power away from the aux circuit. I got this informatioon from someone who actually has put a flow meter on these machines and others.
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