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Has anybody ran a Maruyama BL85 with a tornado tip? I saw it down at the show in Louisville.
I also find it funny that every manufacturer said their blower had the most power. The harness set-up on the Husky looked great even though most of the time we just sling them on one shoulder. I have had so many problems with the BR600 Magnums that I am looking around. The dealer support has always been good and that's why I kept using them. But I just don't think the short lifespan of the 4mix outweighs the fuel efficiency and light weight any longer. I have 5 600's now and have junked at least 4. I get about 2 years out of them at the most. 3 have been warrantied, one was just 2 months past warranty. I just paid for new valves and crankcase gaskets in one (not warranty because of carbon) and it has already needed valves adjusted after 30 days. Then there is the issue of fuel lines and primer bulbs decaying from ethanol, probably the same for every manufacturer right?
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