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Originally Posted by Middle Tennessee Lawn View Post
Well I have hit lots of stuff but not as drastic as some of you but will give you some of my memorable ones
#1 all time a water hydrant only 3 or 4 " high in the center of a huge front yard and the handle was not red in color at all mowed off nicely worse even was galvanized water line!
I have hit many rabbit holes usually only blasting the rabbit fir the mother puts on top for insulation. But i sucked 5 little ones out years ago.
I hit a electric company grounding rod this year only dulled blade but was quite impact.
Also hedge oranges are fun to mow they were huge this year
Last very fresh on mind only happened month or so ago i was crossing customers drive near the road and a big box crew was driving bye and just as i waved I swear I was not near it I sucked a newspaper up and it came out against the wind just like a real confetti machine very embarrising it took 3 of us 30 mins to pick it all up. I can only imagine how that crew laughs about what they saw the company they were with employees 3700 full time lawn care so im sure it will be big laugh at company meetings
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I swear news papers actually slide themselves towards the mower. I started to think about it and I have done a nice job on three local town papers over the past 20 years. All 3 were no where near my mower and slid themselves towards me to get mulched up.

I think they want to go back to nature.
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