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Originally Posted by Cedar Lawn Care View Post
I charge the same I do as mowing which is 60-70. Casey, doing 65 hours of leaf clean-up is mind boggling to me. What a monster nightmare of a project!
It haunts me in my sleep sometimes! I've talked about the job on here before but here is some info for you. 5 acre lot in the woods front half gets cleaned twice, 500 plus bushes, leaves get sucked up and dumped on the curb to pickup, I put in 65 hours her fulltime hand puts in 25 hours, and no it's not worth the money! I told her that I probably wouldn't do it again after I finished last year because I had plans on during curbside pickups in the county but I never found a dump truck I liked. So she called in the summer to see if I would and like a dumbass I said yes. Luckily my wife and brother helped me do the front the first time this year and we got it done in a day.
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