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Originally Posted by addictedtolandscaping View Post
no one with any thoughts or suggestions on where to turn for garland huh??

I am almost out and need some desperately, my issues with the mn are the pine cones coming off so easily and we all know how the LED product seems to be or atleast has been in the past.
After putting up the mixed noble Incan from hdy, and we are talking a decade here, I can't complain. Most of the light sets have lasted. I really have not rebulbed that much garland. I am not sure LED will give you that much more life. And we rarely have a need to plug more than 6 sets together. They only pull like .4 amps per strand anyway. What is the advantage of LED in this situation? Not Cheaper? Not easily Fixable? Looks better? Lasts longer? You sure? Or just sounds newer? Go with what works, man. When they need to be rebulbed in 7-10 years cost wise LED strands may make sense. But at that time, we add a few jumbo sugar pine cones, redo the light sets. It takes 30 minutes for one of my girls to rebulb and recone a strand that looks better than new, at a total cost of less than 20 bucks for another 7-10 years. My guess is foliage life is going to be done at the end of that cycle. The only situation I can think of where LED has an advantage is when you burn them more than 6hours a night or you need extremely long runs with no ext. cord possibility.
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