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1st Condo Association Bid...Need A Little Help!!

I have been doing resi's for 2 years now and just stepped up in equipment to handle some larger commercial accounts. I received a bid request from a Condo Asst. thats only 5 minutes away.

33 Units

I just need help with the mowing bid

Includes trimming, blowing and bagging...NO edging

The competition in Michigan is ridiculous with pricing

I think to be anywhere near competitive and still make something after payout I would have to do $20 Per unit (Weekly $660)

The plus side to this is that I received their other bid packet to do all of the other routine maintenance on the property as well (i.e. fence repairs, fix signs, straighten bird houses, gutter cleaning etc.).

Where should I give a break if any to win the bid? On the mowing or the maintenance end of it?

Is $20 per Unit in there for associations? There's still some profit margin there for me.

Me and 1 other guy 8 hrs?

Overhead picture of the association is attached

Thanks for your help
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