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In later years I found myself adjusting the hourly rate depending on the equipment being used, the idea being that I get paid the same regardless so now it's a matter of covering costs and the higher the cost of the equipment and its maintenance, the higher the rate.

For example, a br600 costs $550.
A 13hp pushblower on the other hand, $1300.
Therefore I usually get $25 pmh for backpack blowers, but $30 for the pushblower.
Equipment that costs twice as much doesn't get twice the pmh due to most of the cost goes into covering the truck, the insurance, taxes, and everything else.
Don't forget the fuel for the backpack costs 50 cents more per gallon (due to it's mix).
It takes a long time to nail it all down just right.

Oddly enough...
The pushblower gets almost twice as much done as the br600.
The $8000 Z I can nail $50 pmh pretty easy...
Yet the $4000 walk behind I can get right about $35 pmh and no more.
And I still get north of $60 pmh with a 22 year old, thousand dollar core aerator...

So no matter how I figure it, I can't ever seem to get it all just perfect either.
Seems like, I get as much as I can get away with somedays.
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