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I make over 55k a year, but not in the green industry.
I would quit my job, 401k, good vacation time, and excellent health insurance in a heart beat if I could just step into a green business of my own. Not even a question. But that's because I look for more than a paycheck in my work.

What do you want out of working? Do you just want a paycheck? Or do you want to feel satisfied with the work that you do. I get a great paycheck. I pay a mortgage, two car payments and everything my wife and three children need out of my pay alone. But my job leaves me feeling empty and angry most of the time. I've been on vacation this last week and being away for a week has made me realize how unhappy I am with my job.

And just because someone makes "x" amount of dollars doesn't mean they're better off than someone making less. Although I can afford a mortgage, car payments, and add to a 401k, etc doesn't mean I have money. I find myself making splurge purchases and perhaps spending a bit too much on the alcohol and eating out then I should just to satisfy the unrest I feel.

What is the value of a bigger house, newer car to you? I'd rather live in a smaller house and with older cars but BE HAPPY with what I do and with MYSELF. I would treat my wife and kids better and that's something you can't put a price on.

Yeah so we all get burned out after while. Long days turn into Long weeks without seeing the wife and kids much... Stress about paying the bills of not only home but the business would be added on to it. But I would still take it than working for the man. Floods, Droughts, Freezes, Heat waves. I already work in those conditions right now...

Sure everyone has things about their jobs they hate. But what I've learned is the things that I never enjoyed about working in the green industry before I got into my current line of work were the things that lined up with MY weaknesses.

Lawn Care and Landscaping is a service business yet I DREADED talking to customers. This industry is a seasonal business yet I would spend everything I made leaving nothing for winter, making me find other work, which is how I got into the job I'm in now. Now I look back and wish I had the maturity I do now to take on my weaknesses head on. I may have never gotten out of my own business to begin with.

Will I get back into lawn care? Who knows... I need to start with some medication though. lol.

To those of you who successfully made the transition from fulltime employment for the man and worked your tails off and now work fulltime for yourself and you did so with a family. I salute you!
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