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Originally Posted by YellowDogSVC View Post
I'm not sure of the flow meter... same one they've always used. it was big and heavy. When I had my pressure gauges hooked up to my mulchers, I can see the pressure drop after awhile. When it comes up against a load, the pressure will spike up and down but it does hit over 3k at full rpm.
My CAT did the same thing and when it had a problem with relief valve kicking in too early (or some type of bypass which was resolved by a software update), the pressure would drop dramatically even though the gpm stayed up. Been awhile since i went through all that but the pressure spikes are seen, in my case, when resistance is met.

I disconnected my pressure gauge because it always leaked but would like to hook it back up and see if I'm remembering correctly. Getting old, you know.

As far as being a stellar performer, what I do know is that my Bobcat are more consistent in keeping different mulcher rotors up with my gear pump than the CAT did with it's piston pump. I'm not sure why that is but I've not been disappointed in performance considering I'm running a skid steer mulcher. It powers through the thickest shreds mixed with 10-12" logs and I don't overheat at all but I still can't use it like a bulldozer. I use finesse to make up for lack of horsepower but it works for me.

Just thought of this. If my pressure was dropping off significantly and/or my gpm was dropping off, then I'd see ta reduction in rotor speed head and more stalling with the skid.

On the specs for the mini- it's system relief at at auxiliary is 3045 and it says 19 gpm.

The system is capable of more pressure, however, because other cylinder circuits like angle blade, and slew have 4k plus psi.

I"m not sure why the machine makes 26 gpm for everything but auxiliary and has different pressures for different circuits?
Gives me a headache.. and I'd like to figure it out before I get a nice toy like you did for mowing.
I have spent the last month trying too decipher mini ex flow myself. My Kubota is rated the same as you Bobcat so i feel pretty comfortable with what I am saying. One thing you always defer back too is performance. Regardless of specs rotor speed and recovering are the best test for actual flow. You can always look at the size of the hyd motor on your mulcher( displacment) and take the rotor rpm and back figure your actual flow.
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