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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Life is short gentlemen.... Too short in fact, to spend quality family/friends/loved ones time chasing an extra 5 grand, 10 grand, 20 grand. My wife works, I run my business. Are the kids needs met? Yup. Are we actively putting money away for education? Yup. Are we putting money away for ourselves when we get older? Yup. Is the business self reliant?(Not borrowing money from wife's salary for that new walk behind) Yup. And that's that..... Since when did we(us, inhabitants of this earth) become so darn greedy? Sports cars, boats, phones, computers, TV's, motorcycles, sixty thousand dollar diesel pickups(that aren't for working) vacations to exotic countries where you can't leave your cage(ie Sandals) ...... All of it! It's all garbage... I enjoy my family and friends and I enjoy laboring outside in the sun and the rain and the snow. I will always educate myself and instill this in my children as well. The question is not "Should I leave a job with a xx,xxx dollar salary to start a x business?" The question is ARE YOU HAPPY?

Exactly what my point was! Good post!!!!!
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