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Originally Posted by wilsonsground View Post
After reading a lot of these posts if amazes me how cheap other parts of the country are. I won't even show up to a clean under $180. I have clean ups up into the $700 range. I don't know how you can charge 2-3 times a mowing rate. Here in new england you have yards that a crew could be at for a day and remove 2-3 boxes of leaves and the mowing price could only be $150 or so. How would you make money charging a 2-3 times a mowing rate for a clean up like that? You'd loose money. I know prices range from area to area, it just amazes me how cheap some people are willing to go. IMO leaves are no part of a mowing service. The second it starts taking longer to mow and continue bagging due to leaves the bagger comes off, unless the customer is willing to pay for it. Time is money! Just my .02
My customers want weekly leaf clean up. The first two weeks the loads are heavy then steadily decrease the last three weeks with the last week extremely light. They are charged double mow each time. So total bill is $350 for my smallest and $480 for my largest.
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