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Interesting reading in this thread. Conclusion: There is nothing fixed with regard to pricing, or "how to do."

The variables, (1) Location - the leaf drop varies considerably from one region to another, (2) Timing - when to start, how often to visit, when to end, (3) Rates for doing work - rolled into mowing rates, separate charges, (4) Equipment used -- simple mowers able to mulch, specialized equipment to handle leaves.

Over the years, every Fall many threads like this one is started. The questions are appropriate and are of value. However, getting an answer to fit the OP questions is usually elusive. The responses are good reading, but, in the end, the OP is probably left with the same question. That is OK. These issues are relevant and important to every LCO, but at the end of the day, the OP has to make their own choices.

For me, almost no responses fit my needs, or expectations. That is OK, as well. One thing that does strike me is "what the customer wants." Rarely do I get expectations articulated, rather an implied "just do what needs to be done." That includes visit schedules, how to, when to start, when end. There is no educating, or no dictating. In fact, I think most of my customers have very little idea what happens on their property.
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