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meets1: the intensity of use makes football fields are tough to maintain. I know you are looking for what is the best answer now - for this time of year. I definitely agree with the aerating you want to do. One football field that I know of here does some dormant seeding, using an Aeravator, more so on its practice field than its game field. It is a sand based field with irrigation (off now). I visit this field several times a year but do not do any work on its football fields. To be honest, I just have not seen results there that I find convincing. They use straight KBGs and a rather low seeding rate IMO, something like 100-150# for the entire field. The germination rate is low. I would guess it is in the neighborhood of 20%, meaning something like 20-30# of seed germinate over about 57M.

If you can start moving them toward better care throughout the year I think your average weekly appearance will be much better than playing catch up in November. I also know it can be difficult to convince them this is what needs to be done.

That said, the use these fields get from snow melt in Spring until mid-August is light. That is a lot of time to grow grass. Our choices for CG control are better now than they were just a few years ago and no longer preclude us from seeding in Spring. Siduron used to be our only too for CG pre-emergent while trying to germinate grass seed.

If we could go back 45 days I would advise aerate and overseed then, even though the field was still in use. Do you know what types and amounts of fertilizer were used between August 1 and now? Ammonium sulfate is a good cool weather fertilizer for football fields. I did not use it myself this year but have in other years and know others in my area are using it every 2-3 weeks during the second half of their football seasons.

I started on a new one for me in August this year. Prior to that, all they had done for Several years was water, mow, and paint lines. I posted several photos and a description of what I did here if you are interested.
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