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Originally Posted by CAPT Stream Rotar View Post
Jim you also have helped me help the guys I have been working with through years with past telephone conversation and text message help..

Is there anything we as lawnsite irrigation forum could do to thank you for your kind gestures?
I know in the least you must have spent much phone time with all of us seeking to better ourselves as irrigation techs.In my shop I have an old progressive 521 that we can't figure out what is wrong with it.Its been collecting dust for years and keeps just getting kicked around. Would you let me send you this old girl and would you want to give it a better life than repeated cold winters on my shop floor? Honestly It would be no sweat off my multimeter, I would gladly pay the postage.

Or could all of us as a group gold plate a tdr or 800 and send it to you? kidding.. All jokes aside I think you have given us plenty its time we should pay back the favor with another favor..

Quick story so this past year my roof was leaking badly. I called everyone of my buddies to help and most that could came over..One of my friends, who is as crazy as it sounds has met GM on a few different occasions came by.. He asked me if I would service his parents system when i was in the area. When I got there his dad tried to pay me. I couldn't take the money knowing his son had battled a good hangover and his constant fear of heights to help me keep my roof dry. When his dad asked why I told him, favors repay favors...

So as stated I think us "cool kids" of the irrigation forum could do a little something for you...
What do you say guys?
What do you say JIM?
Thanks Eddie, yes, send that old unit my way and I'll see what I can make her do. I may not make a bunch of money helping people from the forum but I have met a couple of hundred over the phone and some in person. Had many a good result to many a problem too!

I enjoy what I do, receive a token of appreciation on occassion and will be financially set when I begin cleaning Irritations pool
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