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Originally Posted by YellowDogSVC View Post
I agree that the specs are confusing but I have also seen several machines out of spec both above and below.

I imagine pressures average about 2500 because I've watched the spikes up and down but I don't see how gpms drop on a gear pump at full rpm and I have also seen the pressure spikes when I get into something difficult. Just never paid much attention to it as long as it was doing what I thought needed to be done. When it didn't "feel right" or I thought performance was lacking, I had it checked or turned up. Never asked to have it turned down when it was beyond specs.
I will add one thing that GPM and pressure together determine actual amount of power to the attachment. Pumps will always lose flow as pressure is increased. Does not matter what type of pump it is. The pump actually is graphed and it is often refered too as a pump curve. Flow will be high at low pressure and low at high pressure.
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