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During the warm months(almost all year here) you will see an alligator in a fairway or pond during your round of golf. never seizes to amaze me how many golfers think they are fake and walk up to them. I say let em get eaten. I'd rather have the gators. I have always wondered how they keep the wild boars off the courses. You'll see them along the roads and swamps but never see any damage on the course. If your observant you'll see an eagle and hawks are plentiful. Now back to the beaver. Not sure what to say but I'd leave him alone unless he moves inland and just continues to destroy property. Wonder if you dragged the cuttings from other places on the course to the pond if he would make use of it. Bees aren't an issue. A little sting will make ya stronger. Geese are a pain especially on the greens. One course keeps a guy around with a dog to run them. Probably gets expensive. One thing I do know, golf course personel have their hands full.
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