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Good choice. I picked up a BR600 Magnum a few weeks ago and just used it for the first time this weekend, on some heavy-duty leaf clean-up work. It was night and day difference from the handheld I was using before this. I'm super happy with the value so far. A couple things I noticed while breaking it in:

1) I've seen a lot of posts on here about the gas cap design. Mine is a simple screw-on type, like anything else. Did my dealer sell me an old model that's been sitting for a while, or is this a new design? I'm not sure...

2) It smokes during the first few hours of use. A lot. A whole lot. I'm not sure what my dealer had fueled it with, but after running it dry, then running a can of the pre-mix ethanol-free stuff through it until dry, then finally filling it with a 50:1 89-octane + Stihl Ultra oil mix, it is no longer smoking.

3) It doesn't always start on the first try, like I had expected it to after the way it's been talked about. It took several pulls, during several attempts throughout the day, to get it started. I'm thinking that may get better now that it's breaking in, though.

4) It'll move almost anything you point it at, so be careful, and use the throttle wisely; you can easily knock the petals off a nice flower (especially this time of year) if you get too close.
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