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Ok we are new contractors for the district. Started out strictly mowing. Then we were asked for some landscaping. Then some spot spraying. Then some seeding. Next thing we knew we were servicing everything but the irrigation system. Been working great for us working for them. So in the past the athlicte club did some fert and or spraying. The baseball coach did his own field but nothing on softball field. Part time janitor aerated the football field and overseeded - (rented equipment) Well now they want that done to improve things and want us to take care of it from here on out. So they are used to doing what has been done in the past but yet I hate to overstep to much as we have the mowing contract and everything is priced accordingly. Thing is crabgrass could be an issue in the spring --. So were trying to keep them happy but yet I understand things have to be done as weather permits or to get the most bang for your buck type of thing.
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