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Did you know that beaver's have to chew to keep their chopper's from growing through their head? Seeing that picture brought back a memory of me driving by the clubhouse early one morning and finding a 10" caliper specimen willow that a local beaver had brought down overnight. This tree was very prominent and i had to spend the rest of the day putting chain link fence around tree trunk's that were in danger, it looked terrible but it worked.

The geese... A lot of people really like those animals, i don't. Part of the greensmower's equipment included a shovel for scooping up goose crap before you could mow, this was a daily chore. A trained full-time dog is really the best solution for that, but it will cost you money, a bunch.

One of the worst is the armadillo, you woudn't believe the damage just one of those thing's can do overnight. The only cure i know of for those critter's is to move north out of their range.

I love animal's but they sure have caused me a lot of problem's. I'd rather deal with disease any day, at least they don't run away and hide.

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