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Originally Posted by A. W. Landscapers, Inc. View Post
6 hours for 2 acres seems high.
I would figure at least four. I side discharge only on larger yards and figure that it would take me at least three hours to do all the things listed. I think six is fair if he is bagging. I bag my own yard sometimes (it's small enough that I use a Toro 21in commercial) and it takes me about 1.5x as long to mow when I'm bagging as compared to mulching or side discharging.

So you pay your self $50 an hr? I would have bid $840.00 a month if they wanted the clippings left, more if they wanted them hauled to the dump. I pay my self $35 an hr to mow. If there is a lot of landscaping to take care of I would bid it based on being there 6 hours; as you did. While I don't think you're smoking crack at $50 an hr to mow, I would say that is definitely on the very upper end of fair, assuming that you do excellent work. I can see why you were the highest bid so far.
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