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Originally Posted by A. W. Landscapers, Inc. View Post
It's your company no matter what you name it.

It doesn't matter what the name makes you feel, it matters what the name makes your clients and potential clients feel and it matters how easy it is for them to remember the name you have given your company.

Give your company its own name not your name. Build brand recognition for that name and if you feel so strongly that you still have to stroke your own ego, start promoting yourself as "Massimo Asturi Owner of ________".

My best advice to you is to leave your ego behind. Build a business that will have value without needing to have you and your name attached to it.
Agree 100%. For my biz "KEMCO" isn't my name, not even my initials but KEM are initials of someone close to me, I just stuck "CO" as in company on the end. I just liked the way it sounded. And I do know that there are other KEMCO "landscape services" etc in the US just not in my area. Would have been better to get a truly unique name but I'll cross that bridge if I ever need to. My business name is registered as "KEMCO" not "KEMCO Lawn Services" and I did that for this reason: If I wanted to expand into say irrigation, fert/squirt, or even things not related to the green industry I can do this all under the name "KEMCO" that Ive been working on branding locally. However "KEMCO Lawn Services" is on my biz card, truck, invoices, website etc. I say that to suggest that whatever you call your biz, let's say "Massimo" and you put that on a shirt or biz card etc. also put "landscape services" or "lawn maintenance" so the public will actually know what you do. If I saw a truck that was lettered with "Massimo" that would mean absolutely nothing to me. If it also included "landscape services" I would now know what your company did.
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