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Originally Posted by MILS View Post
Thanks for the response. I do try to bid @ $50 an hour, that way i can pay my helper, myself and for the equipment.

The home owners said someone bid $200 a month and thats who they would be going with. There is no money to make at that price. I feel like that company will mow ounce and never return.
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I didn't realize that you had a helper when I wrote my response so, actually, you're working for $10/man hr cheaper than I am as a solo operation. If some idiot wants to do that lawn for $200 a month then by all means let them. My money says they won't be mowing that lawn for long. Let it be their problem. When I started mowing one of my accounts for a realtor I bid $100.00/mo for complete care (mow, edge, trim, blow, take care of flower beds, trees etc) and she thought I was ridiculous as the last guy was doing it for $60 a month. He also just quit showing up and hadn't mowed in a month... I can only imagine why. I got the job and she now uses me to maintain multiple rental houses for her; I just explained what she was paying for. I sell my self.
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