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Originally Posted by MILS View Post
I went to bid a job today, it is a 2 acre area with lots of flowerbeds and lawn decor. Lots of trimming and they want all clippings bagged and raked. And they want it done biweekly during the winter but weekly during spring, summer, and fall. They also wanted leaf cleanup, plants trimmed as needed and flower beds cleaned.

I bid $1200 per month and they said i was the most expensive bid.
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This year a customer with a half acre property where the front yard was all beds, and so was the side yards. The back yard had a small oval lawn about 30x15 feet.

They had a professional gardener (woman) that got to old and retired. They called in three landscapers that advertised in the paper. One had a large ad with a laundry list of services offered. Including Topiary.

This big outfit said we do not do this work when they showed up to do the estimate. They said they send in a large crew and knock out jobs fast. Which is totally opposite of the image that their advertisement. So they declined to take on the job.

Second landscaper looked never called back.

I looked.
I was honest.
I said the scope of the work is no problem.
I said that to be honest I never had to estimate a job with so much beds to maintain. This leaves me unable to bid the work because I can not come up with a time frame of the hours involved. I do not want to over price or under price.

So my offer was to perform 2 man hours a week until the work is caught up. If more time is needed I can add more hours, and if less time is needed I can cut back time as well. It would cost you $60 per man hour. And will include all bed maintenance, pruning, hedge trimming, weeding, planting annuals, mowing the small lawn, etc.

I got the job for 2 hours a week. And they said bring your son because there was a lot of work to catch up on.

Billed them 4 hours a week for $240 plus sales tax. For seven weeks over the summer.

Do not be afraid to ask to ask what the job is worth. You will lose some bids and win some.

Nothing is worse then winning a bid because you low balled. Better to lose the bid and walk away.

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