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Ugh! Same here in southern minnesota. Got an inch or so 2 days ago.
It hasn't melted. Regular clients are up to snuff with leaves. Have
others begging to come do their leaves because they were incompetent
and waited till the last minute. Piles of leaves everywhere in my city.
Along the streets, in the gutters and on the boulevards and yards.
All covered with a serene blanket of snow. Not to mention before it
snowed, my r3tarded city pretended to use their elgin street sweepers
to unclog the sewers and gutters and curb sides, but as they swept, they
also sprayed water behind them which completely whetted up all the
leaves that those crappy machines didn't pick up. So what do you know?
Ya, they added to the weight of the already cool non drying leaves they
left behind.

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