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17, 18. 1, truck graphics plus postcard, 2, truck graphics only. love truck graphics, brings more density to neighborhoods we are in.

advice to all you guys- order what you want for the next 3 weeks now. I am seeing some outages of several key items like bows, clear mini's, etc. Dara is switching around sources since she reps several companies. but as the good deals run out of stuff, prices go up. I always think that hdy's fist out of stock list also represents what they did not get in this year, or had very little left and are discontinuing those items. still, some items on the list were surprising.

and anything ordered now through next Tuesday or so will probably show up next week. ordering after that and shipping the entire week of thanksgiving is ridiculous and rarely works. so think about how many c9's you will probably sell through the Wednesday after thanksgiving, or minis, or whatever, and order and stock accordingly.
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